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Botanical Bliss

Editorial feature in Modern Luxury's Jezebel Magazine June/July 2023.

In the June/July 2023 issue of Modern Luxury's Atlanta publication Jezebel Magazine, Kat teamed with floral designer Kirk Moore under the creative direction of photographer Sara Hanna to create seven botanical-inspired wardrobe pieces for a beauty editorial photoshoot. The last images are Kat's concept fashion illustrations for three final designs.

Sara Hanna - Creative Director/Photographer

Kat Ford - Wardrobe Design

Kirk Moore - Floral Design

Sarai Gray - Makeup Artist

Nikia YANCEY - Makeup Artist

Amber Kendrick - Makeup Artist

Alicia Igess Jones - Hair Artist

Vincent Tobias - Hair Artist

Judd Redmond - Photo Assistant

Aziz Ajaney - Photo Assistant

Farhaan Sayani – Videographer

Karingtyn Taylor - Model

Camryn Smith - Model

Karen Betancourt - Model

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