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Jesse Jo Stark

Freelance work for the recording artist's music videos.

Kat worked with recording artist Jesse Jo Stark as a production designer and prop maker for several of her music videos. During Jesse's residency at The Echo in Los Angeles, Kat created custom faux floral strands, stringing them throughout the stage and scattering electric candles and real flowers across the stage front.

In Jesse's live videos for "Deadly Doll" and "Monster Man," directed by Dream Team Directors, the draped ambiance of the room was accented with plastered vintage bones, candelabras, and strands of roses. In "April Flowers," directed by Chuck Grant, Kat sculpted a six-foot-long acrylic rose and hand-painted a pair of vintage glasses. For "Monster Party," directed by Dream Team Directors, Kat created a campy hand-painted backdrop and rented props for the "Baby Love" and "Down Your Drain" videos, directed by Olivia Malone. Kat painted a silver swirl runway and kick drum for the "Dance with The Cramps" music video, directed by Dylan Hayes, filled a pool with white roses for scenes used in Jesse Jo Stark's "Dandelion" video, directed by Connor Ellmann, and hand-painted a glass disco ball for her "Fire of Love" music video, directed by Chuck Grant.

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